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Age:22 T150- B90(F)- W56- H84
60min 80min 120min
¥50000 ¥60000 ¥90000
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?We are now able to accommodate tourists visiting Japan. As an unforgettable memory of Japan...?
?Enjoy the Japanese Omotenashi and Ultra Group Omotenashi.?


Q.Gender Female
Q.Nationality Japanese
Q.Language Japanese
Q.Charm point smile
Q.Hobby Karaoke
Q.Smoker Yes
04/20(Sat) 04/21(Sun) 04/22(Mon) 04/23(Tue) 04/24(Wed) 04/25(Thu)
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Thank you for the happy time.
I was so happy that she made me feel like a girlfriend when we were walking back to the restaurant afterwards. I really wished I had a girlfriend like her.
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I couldn't hide how good her style was.
She was just like her picture or even better. She was definitely the best goddess ever.
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She is truly a descending goddess!
She is a true goddess, her style is obvious even from her clothes, and she has an aura of warmth that envelops me.
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