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Age:20 T170- B85(D)- W57- H88
60min 80min 120min
¥50000 ¥60000 ¥90000
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?We are now able to accommodate tourists visiting Japan. As an unforgettable memory of Japan...?
?Enjoy the Japanese Omotenashi and Ultra Group Omotenashi.?


Q.Gender Female
Q.Nationality Japanese
Q.Language Japanese
Q.Smoker Yes
04/20(Sat) 04/21(Sun) 04/22(Mon) 04/23(Tue) 04/24(Wed) 04/25(Thu)
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girl with a good smile
I was struck by the wide-eyed smile. She is a very cute and beautiful woman. Her skin is also white and smooth. It's bright, polite, and friendly, and I think everyone can have a good time!
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She was very beautiful
I thought she was a cool person, but when I talked to her, she was so charming that I got into a lively conversation and ended up talking to her for a long time. She had a long run and a great figure, and was super healthy with just the right amount of flesh, which was a feast for the eyes!
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She's a wonderful woman
She was very good at kissing and giving blowjobs, and I was very satisfied overall. She is a woman with outstanding style and a wonderful service spirit. The climax that comes with attacking the clitoris and nipples at the same time is also amazing.
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