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Age:22 T156- B94(H)- W58- H87
60min 80min 120min
¥50000 ¥60000 ¥90000
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We are now able to accommodate tourists visiting Japan. As an unforgettable memory of Japan...
Enjoy the Japanese Omotenashi and Ultra Group Omotenashi.


Q.Gender Female
Q.Nationality Japanese
Q.Language Japanese
Q.Smoker Yes
Q.Previous job receptionist
04/22(Mon) 04/23(Tue) 04/24(Wed) 04/25(Thu) 04/26(Fri) 04/27(Sat)
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Mr H

Cool and cute sister
This is my first time using this store. This time I pre-ordered and played Rurika. From the moment we met, my eroticism oozed out. Even though I had no experience, I was able to have a fun conversation. It's subjective, but I found it erotic when I saw Rurika taking off her clothes when we took a bath together. The play was very intense. I asked for it to be sticky and thick, and it was excellent. It feels good when you touch it with your hands or mouth. Wow, I'm so excited. I'll definitely go again, and next time I'll make you cum even more.
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