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Age:24 T149- B91(G)- W54- H83
60min 80min 120min
¥50000 ¥60000 ¥90000
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We are now able to accommodate tourists visiting Japan. As an unforgettable memory of Japan...
Enjoy the Japanese Omotenashi and Ultra Group Omotenashi.


Q.Gender Female
Q.Nationality Japanese
Q.Language Japanese
Q.Smoker No
04/22(Mon) 04/23(Tue) 04/24(Wed) 04/25(Thu) 04/26(Fri) 04/27(Sat)
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I had been secretly curious about him, but the timing finally worked out and we were able to meet for the first time! ! She has a cute face, a super cute anime voice, and although she's petite, she has great style, and her skin is smooth and flawless. In addition to his appearance, he understood my story and needs, and made me feel very comfortable from the time we met to the time we said goodbye. It really gives me energy for tomorrow. Unless you're looking for an amateurish feel or don't like small girls, I think you'll definitely be satisfied.
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