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新大久保 風俗 ウルトラグレイス24 料金System&Map

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大久保風俗 ホテヘル ウルトラグレイス24 システム

①Make a reservation via Smartphone applications(e.g. LINE and others) or contact form below.

②Confirmation notification 2h before the day

If there is none, it may be cancelled. Please be sure to contact me.

③Please enter the hotel 30 minutes before the reservation time and let us know your room number

After that, the staff will go through the formalities and guide you.

Please observe prohibited items and precautions.

大久保風俗 ホテヘル ウルトラグレイス24 コース料金







In addition to the above fees, there may be additional special designation fees for some girls.